Happily Amber After

Wednesday, 11th August 2004


AND it’s going to be at her house!

Next Saturday!


Lauren handed out invitations at lunchtime today. She was in a really good mood, which means that she’s made up with Aaron. She also mentioned that she invited Aaron’s group.

Which means that she’s invited Joshua.


I haven’t seen him outside of school since our last date. Which was like, last year. I am seriously freaking out right now! I have no idea why either. Like, I thought that I was over him, until New Year’s, when I thought that we were going to get back together. And then he decided to be a dickhead and get with some random girl at a party which made me hate him. But then, he came to my rescue when Lauren fell and hit her head.

But I was with Taj.


Joshua’s a really great guy. I mean, I think I could totally forgive him for New Years.

It was just a kiss… right? They don’t always mean anything more…

Right now, I seriously regret dumping Joshua. Like, I know I got bored and all, but I should have just stuck with it. We’d probably still be together right now if I tried to make things work with him…

So maybe Lauren’s party is like, the perfect opportunity to see if Joshua still likes me. And if he wants to go out with me again. I know that I’m probably crazy for thinking that, but I’ve caught him looking over to our group at recess and lunch and smiling at me. And he doesn’t exactly hide it either. So, that’s why I think he might still like me. I even asked Lauren if she could find out for me.

Subtlety, of course – I don’t want to look desperate.

I’ve spoken to the girls about it and they’ve had mixed reactions. Except for Jenny. For some reason, she’s still M.I.A. But Amy, Lauren and Britt think that I should go for it, which made me feel a bit more at ease. Unfortunately, Mercy did the exact opposite. She said not to bother because guys are only after 1 thing. Sex. I was pretty shocked by her response; normally she’s hell good at reading small signs, but she just told me point blank not to bother trying to make a relationship out of nothing. Then she walked off.



It’s so annoying! But you know what? Britt didn’t even bother to run after her…

That’s a bad sign.

But I’m not really surprised, given what Britt told me on Monday. I just feel sorry for her. She’s obviously had enough.

And quite frankly, so am I.

Amber A.



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