Happily Amber After

Tuesday, 31st August 2004

I can’t believe I forgot to talk about my theory exam last Saturday! I guess I was so fixated on all the drama happening in my life that I haven’t actually thought about it until I went to piano today. Mrs Yeo asked how I went… and I went completely blank. It took me a while to even recall what happened.

I think I did ok.

There was a question which I wasn’t entirely sure about, which was that I had to compose an 8-bar song.  In both treble and bass clef. I thought that I was pretty good at composing music – but it was freaking hard! Especially because I use the piano to help me write it.  So much harder when there’s no musical instrument to listen to. But other than that, I think I got about 50% right.


But what I didn’t tell Mrs Yeo, is that I spent like, most of the morning doing my hair and makeup because I was literally going to an all-boys school! It was such a waste of time – I didn’t see any of them. And dad was being such a loser teasing me and saying that I was ‘boy crazy’. I’m so not! And like, everytime I try and defend myself, he just laughs even more. Seriously, there’s no point in talking to him when all he wants to do is make me feel uncomfortable.

But yeah, I suppose other than piano, it was a quiet day. Mercy opened up a little bit more about her relationship with Demarco. I was actually surprised she went there, but I guess she feels uber guilty about everything that’s happened. She told us that he was constantly msging her and keeping tabs on her. Mercy thought it was sweet at first, you know, being protective of her, but then it started to get really annoying, and made her feel crappy about herself. It got really bad this month though. She told us that he had started to show up in really weird places, like when she was grocery shopping with her parents and stuff.

It totally freaked her out. And when she tried to talk to him about it, he got really defensive and smashed a bottle.

I don’t know how she’s put up with all that for so long. I would have left a long time ago.

But the thing that worries me, is that she was talking about all that stuff so casually, like it was normal for someone to act like that. I really hope that she doesn’t think that that behaviour is how all guys are. Lauren actually tried to explain to her that even when Aaron gets hell mad at her, he doesn’t throw things. But Mercy shut her down by playing the victim.

It’s really frustrating. I know this is going to sound bad, but I feel like she’s just playing everyone right now. I think that she’s in serious trouble, but I think she knows it too. Like, she knowingly put herself in that position, but she’s getting sympathy and attention from everyone right now.

I could be completely wrong and I really hope I am.

I don’t want to tell anyone how I feel because I think they will get hell agro at me for being an insensitive bitch. Because I’m not.

I don’t think Mercy is telling us the full story. There’s got to be more to it – I just know it!

I just want the truth.

Amber A.



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