Happily Amber After

Tuesday, 10th August 2004

I got a chance to talk to Farah today. She wasn’t feeling well yesterday, which is why I couldn’t find her. But we had a good chat during Physics. She said that she is going to sit with Rita’s group until Mercy apologises to her. I couldn’t really talk her out of it – she’s completely right. I mean, there’s no way that I would sit with the bitch who hit on my crush. So yeah, fair enough.

Unfortunately, Omar and Benjamin heard us talking about it.


“Didn’t think Mercy had that in her,” Benjamin commented, “She’s like, so mysterious.”

“What’s it to you?” I snapped.

“Nothing!” Benjamin retracted, “I mean, it’s pretty hot when two girls are fighting over the same guy.”

“Oh please, it was barely a fight,” Farah suddenly said, “If it were a real fight, she’d be in hospital.”

“Didn’t know you were so tough. Pretty cool,” Omar approved.

“Yeah, well you know, us Lebbo’s are pretty tough,” Farah said jokingly.

Omar smiled.

So did Farah.

Benjamin and I gave each other the side eye. Who would have thought we would both be thinking the same thing at the same time. I tilted my chin forward, indicating that I wanted him to prod Omar a little more.

And to my surprise, he actually got the hint.

“So, Omar, you reckon Jordan and Farah would make a good match?” Benjamin asked trying provoking Omar.

Farah turned bright red. I rolled my eyes. Way too obvious Benjamin. OMG, he is seriously such an idiot sometimes.

“Uh… how would I know? I barely know the guy,” Omar replied, just managing to make it as smooth at possible.

“Well, you could ask him-“

“OMG no! Please don’t!” Farah pleaded.

“Omar can find out if he likes you! It’s perfect,” I reasoned with her.

Farah buried her head in her arms, “OMG, this is so embarrassing. Nooooo…”

“I can ask Jordan if you like,” Omar said softly.

Farah’s head slightly rose, “… Really?”

“Only if you want me to…”

No, no, no, no, no! This was not going the way I wanted it to! I sighed loudly and slumped back into my chair. It’s sooooo obvious that Omar has a crush on Farah. So why is he offering to find out if another guy likes her? That’s like, handing the ball to the other team to score. What the hell?

I don’t get it.

“I can’t ask you to do that,” Farah declined politely.

“It’s no trouble,” Omar replied firmly, “I’m happy to find out for you. Really.”

Farah smiled, “… Ok. But please, please don’t make it so obvious. I don’t want him to think that I’m crazy.”

Omar let out a laugh, “I don’t think anyone would think you’re crazy.”

“Yeah, coz Omar think’s you’re crazy beautiful!” Benjamin said, making everyone feel awkward, “Nah, I’m kidding. You’re alright Charlie.”

“Charlie?” Farah and I asked in unison.

“Like the chick from Charlie’s Angels?”

We both looked at him in confusion.

“Farrah Fawcett? You know, from the original series?”

Now we were just confused. Did we… did we just find out that Benjamin White watches Charlie’s Angels?

Farah looked down at her physics book, “Ok… this is weird.”

“What? I thought you girls dig that type of show,” Benjamin said, trying to defend himself.

No one said anything.

So awkward.

Why are guys so weird?

Amber A.



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