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The Holiday Is Over

Monday, 26th April 2004

I can’t believe that I’m going back to school tomorrow! The holidays have gone wayyyyy too quick. I’m seriously going to miss sleeping in and doing whatever I want. I love being a homebody; sometimes getting dressed up takes too much time and effort, so I’m actually happy that I wasn’t doing that every single day. There were only a couple of times that I had to get up a little earlier than usual…


Just because I’m on holidays, doesn’t mean that I don’t have to go to work. Ugh. At least the weather is cooling down now. And it’s been busy so my shifts have been going seriously fast. Nothing eventful happened though.

Oh – actually, I take that back! I saw Michael talking to this short, brown haired girl and I thought it was a bit weird, considering he doesn’t really talk to anyone, so when I asked him who it was, he told me that her name was Reese. Then, he reluctantly told me that it was his girlfriend.

I was so shocked!

Like, I knew that he had one, but she wasn’t the type of girl I’d picture him with. In my head, she’d be like Bec Cartwright; blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, you know, a surfer girl. Reese is the complete opposite. But she looked like Tammin Sursok. But shorter. And fatter. And definitely not as pretty. I know that’s mean, but it’s the truth!

I never got to meet her though. I waved at her from a distance, but she glared at me and walked off. Michael dropped what he was doing and ran after her.

Yeah I know. Weird.

Visiting Nanna (17th April)

As usual, we visited Nanna on Saturday at the nursing home. She was happy to see us, and we brought her some clothes that mum bought her (she was working – again) and we took her out for lunch. Grace told her about Easter and how many eggs she got from the Easter bunny, but this completely confused her. Dad had to explain that it was Easter last week but this just made Nanna even more distressed. I felt so bad. Grace didn’t understand that Nanna didn’t know what time of year it was, so I took her outside the café and played with her until dad managed to calm her down.

Once she settled down, dad decided to take her back to the nursing home. I think he was a bit shaken up about the sudden change in Nanna. But I don’t blame him; I would be if it was mum.

I seriously don’t know how he copes. But I guess that’s one of the things that I admire about dad. He’s just strong.

I hope I’m like that when I’m older.

Orthodontic Appointment (19th April)

Normally I go to the Orthodontist appointments in the evenings when dad finishes work, but for some reason he took the day off and we went like, first thing in the morning. Dr Chang assessed my teeth, tightened my braces, chose new colours (I got white and blue!) and told dad and I that they can come off next month!



It’s been like, 2 years! I haven’t been able to have popcorn, chew gum, bite into apples (not that I eat apples), not to mention the pain I’ve had to go through when he adjusts them AND the rubbing of the brackets on the inside of my cheeks. It’s all going to go away!

In 1 month!

I seriously wanted to celebrate, but then there was a ‘but’:

“I’m happy to remove the braces in May, but her wisdom teeth are coming through and she’ll need them removed in order for her teeth to stay straight.”

Dr Chang explained that because I have a narrow jaw, not all my teeth can actually fit neatly in my mouth. He called it ‘crowding’. Dad asked if I could wait until I was older to have them removed, but he said there’s a higher chance of facial paralysis. So, they agreed that I needed to get it done ASAP and that I needed to get X-ray’s done to see where they were sitting.

So, it was bittersweet news. I’m happy I’m getting my braces taken off. But not so happy I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out.

I wonder why they’re called wisdom teeth in the first place? I hope I don’t get any dumber if they remove them though.

X-Ray Appointment (22nd April)

Dad initially booked my X-ray appointment for the 19th of May because that was the only time they had available, but they literally called at the last minute to let him know that someone cancelled and there was an opening if we wanted to take it. But dad was at work. Unfortunately, mum wasn’t (she was really grumpy that day). Dad called her and like, within 30 minutes we were in the car, heading for the radiology clinic.

The X-ray was weird. All I had to do was stand in a room all by myself, while the radiologists sat behind a wall and took snaps of my head. It was over in like, 5 minutes.  I have no idea how much radiation I was exposed to…

Hanging out with the girls (24th April)

We decided to go to Garden City and have a little catch up two days ago. Mercy practically lives there because it’s the closest shopping centre to her house. But for the rest of us, it took us a while to work out what buses we needed to catch to get there. Luckily, Jenny’s mum dropped each of us home, so we didn’t have to worry about getting back. So yeah, ‘Garbo’ is not our shopping centre of choice, but Mercy insisted we go because the hottest guys hang around near the cinemas.


So, here’s the lowdown on what the girls have been up to since I saw them last:


Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan.

Dan this, Dan that. Dan everything.


She wouldn’t shut up about Dan.

Like, it was cute at first, but then it started to get real annoying. She declared to us all that she’s in love with him, and that they’ve been seeing each other A LOT. She’s even thinking about having a sleepover at his house! OMG! We were all so shocked. But Mercy’s reaction was the worst. Even though she’s kinda accepted that Dan isn’t a complete moron because he did good in her eyes from what happened at my birthday party, she still had her doubts, and she wasn’t afraid to tell Amy about them.

It didn’t go down so well.

We all thought it was going to turn into a massive fight, but I guess Amy knew better than to argue with Mercy. I mean, they’ve only really just made up from the last one. I don’t think any of us really understood why Mercy was carrying on… I actually think that she’s jealous that Amy’s relationship is going so well, while she’s single and ready to mingle.

Anyway, aside from that, Amy seems pretty happy.


Well, she’s freaking out about meeting her baby sister. Apparently, her dad came over and showed her an ultrasound photo of her sister. He also told her that he’s already got a name picked out for her, but he refused to tell her what it was. Like, why say something like that if you’re not going to reveal it? So yeah, she was little upset about it, but I was the only one that understood why.

It seriously sucks when you’re left out of all the decision making. Especially when it comes to their name. Like, mum and dad wouldn’t tell me Grace’s name until she was born. I was so pissed off that she was named Grace – I just kept thinking about Passions! And Grace Bennett, the oblivious woman who made disgusting Tomato Soup cakes! Eww!

But apart from that, Britt’s going well. I told her that if she needs to talk to anyone, I’m there for her.


I feel so bad for her. Jenny’s mum has made her go to special tutoring classes for the WHOLE holiday break! I felt sooooo sorry for her when she told us that – that would suck! And like, Jenny is the smartest person I know (besides Taj, lol), so I don’t think she really needs extra tutoring anyway. But obviously her mum does. Why are Asian mum’s so strict?! Actually, scrap that. That’s not entirely true. Britt and Mercy’s mum’s aren’t tough on them, so maybe it’s only just Jenny’s mum and my mum.


So anyway, she hasn’t really done much during the holidays. She’s been on MSN heaps though from what she told us because she’s been like a loner, having to go to tutoring and not knowing anyone.


I didn’t have to guess what Lauren’s been up to; she’s been down at her dad’s farm, riding horses. I’m SO jealous that she gets to do that. Mum won’t let me go horse-riding because she says it’s too expensive. So not fair! But Lauren is uber lucky. Her dad actually owns them, so they need to be exercised anyway. She’s just lucky enough to know how to ride them because she’s had lessons since she was like 5 or something. Lauren was pretty tired today though. But NOT because of horses…

It was because of Aaron! We all came in close to her as she told us all that… they did it.

They did… it!


We were all pretty excited and happy for her, except that now we all know about… it.

All I can say is… Ew.

She said it hurt. But then it eventually goes away and then it feels ok. And the aftermath was apparently sticky and messy. When she was explaining it to us in a way that wasn’t too detailed (because I don’t think any of us would have been able to handle those intimate details, and the fact that we really didn’t know what to ask her lol) she didn’t seem really happy. Like, she was happy obviously because their relationship was now at a different level, but like, there was something missing. Passion, maybe? I dunno. I asked her if she lost her virginity to him and she blushed. I took that as a yes.


But it was still a shock to hear that she was the first out of ALL of us to have sex. I honestly thought it was going to be Mercy! I was SO wrong. But I guess that Lauren and Aaron must be in a really good place now and are recovering from what happened last term, so that’s a really good thing to hear.

But still… Ew!


Mercy was mysteriously quiet. When we asked her about how her holidays had been she just gave us a vague answer and tried to change the subject. All we managed to get out of her was that she’d been hanging out with Marisol, then she threw me in the deep end and completely moved the spotlight onto me!

Apparently, Marisol told her about what happened at Leanne’s party. I completely forgot that she was there until Mercy reminded me. So, then I had to explain what happened. Like, normally I wouldn’t mind telling the girls about it and getting their opinion, but there was a part of me that felt… embarrassed? I honestly didn’t want them judging me, OR Taj for his actions.

But they did.

Except for Jenny. She was on my side. She said that Leanne sounded like a crazy bitch and that both Taj and I shouldn’t be around her. Jenny also said that it’s good that he got out of a relationship with her because it definitely didn’t sound like a healthy one. I agreed. And it felt good. Especially since we always seem to be at odds when it comes to Taj. I definitely felt like we were on the same page now.


Speaking of Taj, he was actually true to his word, and he emailed me from Bali. They were short emails though; his mum had organised activities for their family to do, like every single day. So, he wasn’t able to get on the computer as much as what he wanted to. But that’s ok. I know what he’s going through. Dad does the same thing every time we go away on holidays. We always need to be doing something, and there was barely any downtime between activities. Not that I cared, considering the last time I’d been on a family holiday was before Grace was born, so I didn’t really have all the social commitments that I have now.

But I’m happy that he’s back now. He actually flew in last night, so I’m really looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.

I’m nervous, but excited. We’ve got out plan of attack of how we are going to deal with Leanne, so hopefully everything goes well.

I wonder if Taj has a tan?


Amber A.



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    Yay Amber’s back! ❤

    • Amber A

      April 27, 2017 - 8:59 pm

      After the holiday hiatus she sure is!

      It’s so wonderful to know that you’re following Amber’s journey – it’s giving me the warms fuzzies 🙂

      Much Love x

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