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Friday The Freaking 13th

Friday, 13th August 2004




And I got my period.

At school.

And I had NO pads.

Thank God Lauren had a spare one, otherwise I would have had to ask a teacher. And that would have been so embarrassing.

I am in SO much pain right now it’s not funny.

I even had to skip netball because it hurts so much. Dad wasn’t happy with me, but like, I can’t help getting my period. And I can’t help that it stops me from doing stuff. I am pretty upset and I seriously want to cry.

But I don’t know what I’m upset about it.

And that’s what is making me want to cry.

All I can do is sleep it off. It seems to be the only thing that makes it go away.

Guess it’s an early night for me.



Amber A.

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