Happily Amber After

May 2004

Monday, 31st May 2004

As much as I’d like to think that today was actually a real good day… it wasn’t. Like, don’t get me wrong, it was, I mean, I got some good news about my exams AND we got our Senior badges today (yes!), so during recess and lunch, there were like,

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After The After Party

Sunday, 30th May 2004 I don’t know how to feel right now. I am SO upset. I’m angry. I’m mad. I’m confused. I’m hurt. And I’m DONE! I feel like such a fool. Like I’ve been played. I… I didn’t end up going to the after party after all… On

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Wednesday, 26th May 2004

I am NEVER taking dad to school EVER again! He is seriously the most embarrassing dad in the whole entire world. So like, we walked into school and I did my best to avoid the girls, but somehow he managed to find them and started talking to them about my

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Tuesday, 25th May 2004

Day 2 of having retainers. I still hate them. They are just so awkward to wear! And I hate the way I sound when I’m wearing them. The girls keep laughing at me too, which doesn’t help. Mercy and Britt were the worst; they just stood in the corner and

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