Happily Amber After

April 2004

Thursday, 29th April 2004

Recess felt a bit different without Taj sitting with us. I had to tell the girls about our little break because they kept asking me about him. I didn’t really want to tell them why, but I couldn’t exactly drop the subject, considering a break is a pretty big deal.

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Back to School Blues

Tuesday, 27th April 2004 Today was shit! Pretty much EVERY single class I had today announced that there’s going to be either a test/essay/assignment which is going to happen next week! OMG! I’m going to have NO life at this rate! Geography – In groups of two we have to

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The Holiday Is Over

Monday, 26th April 2004 I can’t believe that I’m going back to school tomorrow! The holidays have gone wayyyyy too quick. I’m seriously going to miss sleeping in and doing whatever I want. I love being a homebody; sometimes getting dressed up takes too much time and effort, so I’m

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