Happily Amber After


Happily Amber After (HAA) is an experimental concept that aspiring writer, Amber Dean* has been exploring since mid- 2016. Unable to find anything remotely comparable on the internet, Amber decided to take the plunge and create a real-time based story-style blog, chronicling the life story of Amber A, an everyday, West Australian teenage girl in 2004.

Mirroring her own personal journey through high school in the mid 2000’s Amber Dean wanted to share her experiences during this time of her life as she found them to be confusing, fun and not-so dissimilar to teenagers today. She felt every teenage girl could relate to them, in one way or the other.

Amber Dean hopes that you, the reader will enjoy this unique story-telling concept and hopefully we will see you back here soon!

Until next time!

*Name changed for privacy reasons