Happily Amber After

Month: August 2017

Totally Crushed

Monday, 16th August 2004 Today is the WORST day ever! Joshua. Has. A. Girlfriend… And it’s NOT me. “Are you ok?” Lauren asked me. Her voice sounded so distant. My heart felt like it was going to explode. She’s joking right? This can’t be true. No. I don’t think she’s

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Sunday, 15th August 2004

Work sucked today. It was freezing and the big managers came to visit, so we couldn’t wear our cardigans because they weren’t ‘work’ approved. I felt like a freaking icypole! I was so pissed off with Michael because he knew that they were coming last week and he didn’t even

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Saturday, 14th August 2004

I’m feeling so much better today. So much so that mum took me clothes shopping today! Normally, I hate going with her, but I haven’t been shopping in ages, and I needed an outfit for Lauren’s birthday party. It wasn’t too bad hanging out with her. Except that Grace had

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Secrets and Sadness

Thursday, 12th August 2004 So, today in Health Studies, I got to talk to Farah about what’s been happening in our group since she stopped sitting with us. I told her about the party, about Joshua and how Mercy has been acting. “I’m seriously sick of her shit,” I said

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