Happily Amber After

Month: June 2017

Friday, 25th June 2004

This week has been so shitty. I’m still not talking to Mercy (she is being sooooo passive aggressive) and I’m trying my best to show no tension between the 2 of us because of Farah. I’ve totally distracted her by telling her all about Taj, the break up and my

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Tuesday, 22nd June 2004

My friends are SUCH bitches! I have never felt so ashamed to be associated with them. Well… some of the them. So today, Farah and I walked into the quadrangle at recess and as soon as we reached the girls, Mercy and Britt flung their bags over their shoulders and

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The New Girl

Monday, 21st June 2004 So, I got to school this morning, all set to talk to the girls about my revenge plan, but they were more interested in talking about Amy and Dan. I didn’t realise that Amy had spoken to everyone about their relationship. Not that I minded, of

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Thursday, 17th June 2004

I didn’t end up going to Amy’s place today. Mum had the day off today and she said that I had to stay at home and help her look after Grace. Normally, I don’t mind helping mum, but she was seriously so moody today that I didn’t really want to

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