Happily Amber After

Month: March 2017

Amber A’s Embarrassing Birthday

Wednesday, 31st March 2004 ‘Happy birthday to me! I’m OFFICIALLY 16! I look like a monkey and, My day was embarrassing.’ Ugh. That is literally what I have been singing in my head for the WHOLE day. I seriously thought that I’d feel different when I woke up this morning. You know,

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Amber A’s Birthday Giveaway!

Hello to all my lovely readers out there! March is my favourite month; not only because it marks the start of my FAVOURITE season, Autumn, but also because it’s that time of year where I turn a WHOLE year older. That’s right – it’s birthday time! And much like myself,

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Monday, 29th March 2004

Everything is almost perfect in my little world. I have my boyfriend back. My friends are closer than ever (except for Amy, of course, but I think she’ll be sitting with us by thr end of the week). I’ve decided to do a treasure hunt for my birthday (it’s going

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Making Amends

Sunday, 28th March 2004 It’s been a full on weekend. I have literally been lying on my bed for the past 2 hours because my back is still a little sore. Work was pretty busy today; the US Navy had a ship docked not too far from work, so there

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School Bus Surprises

Friday, 26th March 2004 So today, the girls practically bombarded me with questions about what I was going to do for my birthday. I haven’t even thought about it because of all the drama that’s been happening lately. But it was good to talk about something positive for a change.

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